Sunday, 23 June 2013

We have walls, now for the roof

Walls are all up now. RSJs have also gone up. 6 meter bi fold has been ordered and should be installed in 3 weeks.

Front door survey has been booked in for tomorrow and should be installed a fortnight after.

The roof beams are starting to go up, unfortunately the roof goes up a lot slower than the walls. The side extension will have a pitched tiled roof . There will be two flat roof windows here for the downstairs study /3rd bedroom and bathroom.

The rear extension will be flat roof with a roof lantern over the dining area.

The roof should be completed by the end of next week.

Inside the upstairs bathroom floor has been tiled, underfloor heating installed and the shower tray and toilet installed. The second fix for the bedroom has gone in with all spot lights and mains plugs installed.

I have ordered fitted wardrobes which will be installed in the last week of July.

I have decided to start on the rear garden. Due to the garden being on a slope we need to excavate soil to make a flat patio area and a retaining wall. The patio was going to be done at a later stage but as we are losing the side entrance due to the extension I don't want to remove 20 tonnes of soil through the house, so have bought this forward.


  1. The roof is considered a house's primary defense against the elements. It's the reason why I believe it's better to go slow and steady to ensure a quality job rather than be hasty and face tons of consequences the second heavy rains come. That said, the house is coming along really nicely. I look forward to seeing the final reveal.

  2. Your house is shaping up nicely! The brick walls looks beautiful. I’m certain you can’t wait to see it with the roof on. It would be better if it’s the same color as that of the existing roof, so that it won’t look awkward when you look at it. It adds to the curb appeal of the house.
    @ Maggio Roofing

  3. Those roof trusses look good and are well-built to support your roof in the long run! It looks like there's a lot yet to be done though. Just take it slow and never rush it. Make sure that your roofing system is installed properly to avoid hassles later on as well.