Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bringing down the roof!

The last thing you need in the middle of a build is a bank holiday weekend to slow things down, thankfully despite the bank holiday we're actually two days heard of schedule. Unfortunately the building work is the boring part and there isn't much to write down that is exciting.  Three RSJs have gone in and the new floor joists have gone in for the loft conversion above. Roof tiles have been removed from the rear wall where the RSJ protrudes , these will not be replaced as a dormer will be going along here which will house the Juliet balcony doors and window panels.

Tiles have also been removed along the side of the bungalow , this is where the gable wall will be built to maximise the space in the loft.

The tiles on the roof are the original concrete ones and 80 years later are not in the best of shape so I have decided to replace all of these now whilst we are removing half the roof rather than reuse. I am awaiting the quote for the tiles but this should come in around £1500.  Damn it that contingency fund is getting eaten into.

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  1. It's a smart move to take down all the old roofing and replace them with new, sturdier ones. With roofing, it's essential that we keep it at its best condition to ensure that it's going to serve its purpose and protect our property from the unpredictable weather. Also, I would like to congratulate you for the coming of your bungalow.
    Allyson @ Affordable Roofing Systems