Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Further demolition - Asbestos Garage removal

A week into it and we're on schedule.

Ceilings all removed, kitchen stripped, rear porch removed. The walls that runs along the lounge that separates the lounge from the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen will be removed once the RSJs have been installed. These we're delivered today and should be installed over the next few days.

Unexpected costs. I know everyone says budget an extra 10% at least as a contingency. I was hoping meticulous planning would mean that I could bring this figure down. 1 week into it and I have had to dip into this.

I wasn't aware of the garage being made of asbestos until I got the survey back from the bank - so the cost for removal wasn't in my original budget. I knew that asbestos had to have specialists to remove it. Unfortunately I had no idea how much this could cost.

My garage not only had asbestos walls but the sides were also made of asbestos- great more expensive to remove.
I received quotes varying £1000-£1200 plus VAT from contractors from around London with an average wait of a week. I was recommended Fred from Countrywide Asbestos removal. He came in just over half of what most London contractors were quoting- although he was coming from Staffordshire and managed to do the work 2 days after contacting him.

I emailed Fred some pictures and he was able to quote me based on that and including disposing of the contents inside the garage which was a large work bench and various pieces of wood.

Fred arrived at 8am and 4 hours later no more garage. It gives a much better idea of how much space we will have to play with .

I am worried that the study maybe a little too small so once the main external walls up I may revisit the size of the study and move the wall by 2ft and eat into the kitchen space a little more.


  1. What a great idea of expanding your house. We had just moved into a house about a year ago. Since the house was so old we got someone to come out and do some asbestos sampling thankfully we didn't have an asbestos problem. So sorry to hear you had to dip into your "extra" budget so early. I know that's never a fun idea. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures.

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