Thursday, 14 March 2013

Heating & Hot Water System

What is in there now

Currently there is a gas fire in the lounge and the 2 bedrooms and hallway have electric convector heaters. The bathroom and kitchen have electric bar heaters which I haven't seen in decades. All of this is going to be removed.

Heating Options 

Ground Source Heat pump - Very economical , unfortunately very expensive to buy and would require a hot water cylinder which would take up space.

Air Source Heat pump - Economical I currently have one of these. Unfortunately I find the heat very dry. I also find that it doesn't really heat the bones of the building. So it's quick to heat up but also quick to cool down.

I have decided to go with a boring traditional Gas Combi boiler. The reasons being is that the boiler is cheap to buy  and service as they're so common, they take up very little space and the heat is comfortable.

Central Heating is quick to heat up which is what appeals to me.

Underfloor heating or Radiators

I looked into underfloor heating but decided against it. The main reasons being
- It takes longer to heat up
- Less efficient than a radiator

Underfloor heating is excellent at retaining heat but often with both of us being at work having the heat during the day isn't worth it to me.

Bathrooms and Kitchen

The bathrooms will have towel rads, the Kitchen will have a normal rad. To add comfort I will be adding electric underfloor heating to the tiled floors in the bathroom and the kitchen floor.

Unvented Hot water Cylinder

I have decided not to install one. They take up too much space which I don't have and I would rather install a more powerful combi boiler. The newer ones seem to be able to provide enough hot water for two showers providing the water pressure is adequate.

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