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For the outside I intend to use LED lights. The bulbs last for much longer than normal lights and cost very little to run as I tend to run these on max and throughout most of the night it was essential to get LED lights.

I will eventually have a driveway way built but this will be after the renovation of the bungalow itself.
I will have Lights by the doors, Pathway lights , drive way wall lights and plant uplighters. Hopefully that should be enough lights to help land a passing plane.

Inside Hallway

Nothing fancy here just standard downlighters.


Will be LED downlighters and LED wall lights.

I have gone with Lutron for the Downstairs living area and Master Bedroom

What does Lutron do? A Lutron Grafik Eye is the brains of the unit. It controls each zone. A zone is a set of lights. You can independently control the brightness of each zone and turn each one on and off. The Grafik Eye can also store 16 scenes. A scene is the specific dimming and turning and off of a particular set of lights. For example you can have a set of Zones come on only when you're eating - the lights above the dining table maybe be bright , with the downlights elsewhere dimming and the plinth lights in the kitchen altogether switching off.  What is a Keypad? A keypad is basically the Lutron Light swtich, the Grafik Eye is a fairly big unit so is usually hidden out of the way and you turn the system on and off by the using the Keypad. The Keypad can turn on 4 scenes at the touch of a button. You can set it so Keypad 1 turns on scene 1-4 and keypad 2 turns on scenes 5-8.

Why did I go with Lutron ? There are alternative out there that brand new are a cheaper option than buying Lutron, for example Rako. Rako is very scarce on the second hand market. With Lutron being around for longer there are more of them second hand on ebay. I managed to buy a Lutron 6 Zone, Grafik Eye , a 3 Zone Grafik Eye and 4 keypads for £370! Brand new I wouldn't have got much change out of £2000 for this.

Lutron offer pretty good support on line and you can download the manuals and wiring schematics from the website :

It's pretty straight forward to install and most competent electricians should be able to install it.

Lounge / Diner/ Kitchen

The lounge will have a Lutron Grafik Eye 3000 . The one I have for the lounge is a 6 zone unit. The GRX 3106. This has 6 individual programable zones and up to 16 scenes can be stored.

I intend to arrange it as below

Zone 1 Downlights in the lounge
Zone 2 Floor lamps in the lounge
Zone 3 Downlights in the Kitchen & Diner
Zone 4 Pendant lights over Kitchen Island
Zone 5 Pendant lights over Dining Table
Zone 6 LED lights under wall units and LED plinth lights

I will install a keypad to the entrance to the lounge and another by the Kitchen.

There will be an additional 2 gang switch by the staircase to turn on the LED lights for the staircase and a Light above the stair case.

Downstairs bedroom and Study

Just bog standard downlights and Wall lights here.

Master Bedroom

Another Lutron Grafik Eye except this will be the GRX 3103. It's the same as downstairs but only a Zone system.

Zone 1 Downlights
Zone 2 Wall lights
Zone 3 Floor Lamp

The bedroom will have additional lamps by the bed but these will be switchable from the lamps themselves rather than being turned on and off from the Lutron Unit. I will have a keypad by the entrance of the room and one by the bed.


Lights on the wall lighting up the decking area. LED decking lights and uplighters lighting up the plants.

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