Thursday, 7 March 2013

So the journey begins

So this is where the journey begins. It's time I moved out of the rabbit hutch flat that served me well in my batchelor days and bought a house.

I live in leafy North London and love the area. It's a close enough to get into the City of London in less than half an hour and far away from all the hustle and bustle too.

At the beginning of the year I popped into a friend's house- he had bought a bungalow and completely refurbished it , putting a bedroom in the loft with master en-suite as well as an extra bedroom downstairs. I was blown away- it was a far cry from the typical OAP style bungalows most are known for.

After living in a flat for 3 years I had grown accustomed to living on one floor so a bungalow really appealed to me.

7 days later I had put in an offer which had been accepted on a bungalow a few doors down.

This was a great project bungalow which looked like it hadn't had anything done to it in the 40 years the owners were in it.

I preferred this as I didn't want to pay a premium for a bungalow in good condition when I intended on ripping everything out.

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