Tuesday, 19 March 2013

So the demolition begins

So the work began today. Below is the wall that separated the existing master bedroom from the lounge. This was was non-load bearing so the builders knocked it straight down. The new wall will be reinstated but will be positioned two feet in the bedroom. Will make the bedroom a little more narrow  but as we're also taking the wall that divides the second bedroom and master bedroom down there will still be plenty of space for a decent size room.

A view from the lounge into the bedroom.

This is directly facing up into the loft. Luckily the loft has very good height so will make a good sized room.

This wall separates the lounge from the kitchen and the bathroom. This will eventually come down to make a larger lounge.

A panoramic of the downstairs. Apologies for the poor photos they were taken on my iPhone.

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