Sunday, 21 July 2013

Structural work all done!

Finally all the major structural work has been completed.The window that used to look out from the kitchen (now part of the lounge) to the side of the garden has been taken out. The lintel has been removed and  two RSJs have been installed above to make the opening bigger. The wall below the window has been removed. The opening is now just shy of six foot.

The pillar has  is now 90cm wide. The edge if the island will butt up to the pillar.

The existing door for the bedroom downstairs at the front of the bungalow is accessible from the lounge. Due to noise coming from the lounge etc I wanted to have the door moved to the side and make  it accessible from the hallway. A new opening has been made from the hallway into the bedroom at the front.

As there were two man holes in the area we have built over these have been sealed and new drainage pipes have been laid. A new man hole will be installed at the rear of the garden.

Upstairs the bedroom has been painted and the skirting and architrave has been fixed.

Outside the front entrance has had five steps built up.

Now that all the structural work has been completed. It should be full steam ahead for the inside. Floor joists will be installed and then the first fix for electrics and plumbing will go on. I am awaiting delivery of roof tiles which were out of stock. Once these arrive and installed the bungalow will be fully water tight.


  1. No matter how good your interior design looks, it looks even better with a good structure.
    Safety first, right ?

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