Sunday, 14 July 2013

We have doors and a driveway!

Finally we have a front a door! Global door popped round and installed the door in a day. I chose a different handle to the one that comes standard with the door so this had to be ordered in from Germany and will be installed this week.

I am very pleased with the end result. From a few meters back you really cannot tell that it is composite and not wood. The frame feels extremely solid and the hinges and fittings feel and look of quality.

The frame is of the same colour as the door but the protective stickers have been left on until the building work is complete.

The bi folds have been installed too and really change the look of the back of the house. I had concerns that 6 meters of bi fold would have been very heavy and would make opening and closing them difficult. I am glad to say , being made of aluminium they are extremely light. From a locked position to fully open takes less than 45 seconds. As you can see from below , I have one traffic door that opens independently to the left and the other 5 open to the right.

The roof lantern also had the glass installed. A big thank you to Dave at CCS Midland, who whilst on holiday arranged for a replacement panel after one of the builders accidentally broke one. Very pleased with the roof lantern. The alternatives were dome lights which would have cost a lot more money and collectively would not have let as much light through. The lantern was £900 incl delivery.
I opted for a blue tint so the sky always looks blue and the glass supplied was also Pilkington self cleaning glass which is convenient! The lantern is 1..5meter by 2.5 meters.

The driveway concrete base has been laid. This will be left to fully cure and once all the major building has been completed I will arrange for the resin to be laid.

Finally inside the wall that separated the two bedrooms at the front of the bungalow has been removed to create one much larger bedroom.

The old sliding doors , kitchen door, and pillar in between have been removed. The old window from what used to be the bathroom has been removed and bricked up as the will divide the new study from the lounge. The old kitchen window has been removed and this wall will be taken down leaving behind just a pillar to make a larger kitchen area.


  1. The bi fold windows totally improved the look of the back of your house. Bi folds are really popular these days, especially in some countries around Europe. The huge wide glasses give you the chance to have a view of the outside. Seeing your outdoor through your window is simply relaxing, isn't it?

  2. Home construction is exhausting. But seeing progress like this is an absolute relief. I love your set of big windows, by the way. It has a lot of advantages and one of those, which I think the most important is, dark spot will never occur in your house. I read your September post and there are lots of work to do. I wish it will go smoothly and gets finished without further problem. Good luck! Nida @ All County Exteriors

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