Monday, 29 July 2013

We have stairs! plus floor joists and room for a Node Zero.

It's been a busy week. Building control were happy with the drain work. The damp proof course has been laid throughout and the whole extension has had the new joists laid to raise the floor level to the same height as the rest of the floorboards in the existing bungalow.  The dining area and kitchen area of the extension has had the floor beams raised slightly lower than the rest of the bungalow-28mm lower. This is because this area will have wet under floor heating and insulation panels will go here in which the pipes will be laid - bring it to the same level as the rest of the flooring in the bungalow. You can see the insulation panels in the below pic- they are in blue.

With so much space below the floor joists running services below here should be a breeze.

The stairs I am very pleased with the stairs as they take up a lot less room than I originally had thought they would. The stairs will be painted white once the building work is complete and I will have glass balustrades put in.

The roof light above the staircase does it's job very well and floods the stairs with light. Unfortunately the camera doesn't pick this up very well.

The post you see screwed on to the side of the staircase will be removed and was installed temporarily during the install.

The Node Zero will be placed below the first rung of stairs. A node zero is basically where a small server cabinet will be installed. This will house all the audio/video equipment for the house. I have already had BT install a telephone line here so the modem will go in here too.

The stud work has started to go up to make up the bathroom at the front of the house as well as for the study/3rd bedroom.

Finally the first fix for the lighting throughout the ground floor is in. It's full steam ahead as I have to move out of my current place in 3 weeks!

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